Gilmore Girls – ep 6

The serie that I’m watching now is “Gilmore Girls” in Portuguese, “Tal mãe, tal filha”. I’m loving! The last episode that I watched was the 6th “Rory’s birthday parties” and that was made to me! Let’s see it!

My birthday will be this friday, 29, and Rory’s birthday was in a friday too. I’m not so happy for my Bday, for this time I don’t have nothing for celebrate. I’m not in a great moment. I just want to stay with my friends and to smile = )

Another thing that is like the serie is that I don’t have a good relationship with my mother. She makes me crazy when she tries to control my life! She is so important to me, but sometimes I need to do things hidden because she don’t trust me, and this is too bad!

And about the serie I don’t want to do a spoiler here, I want to tell how I feel when I watch. My feeling this moment is: reflective. I’m thinking how it’s important to have friends and good relationships that make you grow and feel better. Compliments are always welcome!


3 comentários sobre “Gilmore Girls – ep 6

  1. Gilmore Girls is the best TV show of all times! :3 Nowadays, while I watch again the TV show and I think about the episodes, I understand how much Gilmore Girls was important for me! I learnt how much it’s important to have a good and strong relationship with my mother. And you will understand this too. My mother always was strict with me, but now I understand that she always was so concerned with me that this feeling made her want to control all my life. Today I have a beautiful relantionship with my mother, because I learnt to understand her actions and think before explode with her. hahaha I loved your post! 🙂 P.S.: Sorry, I wrote too much! 😛


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